Demo 2015

by Destined To Burn

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released March 19, 2015

recorded in December 2014 by Kurt Vanoppen at Haunted House



all rights reserved


Destined To Burn Belgium

Kristof - guitar
Koen - guitar
Dirk - bas guitar
Peers - drums
Klaas - vocals

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Track Name: Intro/Engulfed
born and raised in a world of pain 
where love and hate cross swords every day 
where joy and hurt both feel the same 
no food no fortune and no sweet hope’s aim

worldly problems got me bottomed 
and I'm trying to find my way up 
throttling morals got me cornered
and I’m trying to fight my way out

outrage and ire in a world insane 
where right and wrong switch lanes every day 
where vice and virtue appear the same 
no riches no honors only moral decay

wander blind through these lives so lawless
my soul depraved from all worldly solace
lured down by the peace of gloom
as life’s waves deepen me down to doom
bathing our bones in the fountain of youth
losing our hands to the mouth of truth
Track Name: Promised Heaven, Given Hell
our paths on the map of life,
they have been drawn out from the start
some are baptized in rivers of reward without earning reward
born from the loins of fate, forcefed lies,
thrown in the cradle of strife
until we kiss the flames,
we’ll forever balance on the edge of the knife

and all I want is to trade this hell for heaven - to die is to live forever
all I ever had I gave - so now carry me beyond death and grave 

Forever cursed by the stars and the suns
Unforgiven and remembered only for my wrongs
Controlled by the demons that breed in my mind
Kept down to a pattern life predesigned 
Life is done but where is death
Ill-gotten gains versus bottomless debts
Fortunes built on fear hurt death and rage
Enforced to live in this bodily cage
Track Name: Stranded In Unrest
driven down the throat of the tempest
blown away by the bleak winds of life
amidst the waves and the currents untempered
immoral deeds from the past in the present arise                

gnawed within, scorched without
punished more than all my sins amount
picked apart by the vulture of the mind
its beak and claws have left my third eye blind
Track Name: Pacified But Unbowed
life in a den of vice and misery
corrupted by my own moral frailty
searching for the strength to fight off temptations, 
plunged in sin, by every god forsaken
give me the strength, to reshape myself
into a strong straight mind - let me no longer dwell
give me thrills to blow life into my numbness 
clear my conscience from its instilled injustice

I bear my fate in silence but inside I’m growing colder
the unbearable chill of the worlds’ weight on my shoulders
righteous anger rising, I can’t suppress it any longer
fueled by oppression, the rage is growing stronger

straying from the path that others paved for me
cleansed from a force-fed morality
marching to the sound of ancient shackles breaking
doubt walks beside me but my faith’s unshaken
I found the strength, to reshape myself
into a strong straight mind, I will no longer dwell
give me thrills to blow life into my numbness 
my conscience’s stripped from its instilled injustice

with all the strength and all the armor of the mind
I will not suffer the conditions of these times