Demo II

by Destined To Burn

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released April 15, 2016

Control Records



all rights reserved


Destined To Burn Belgium

Kristof - guitar
Koen - guitar
Dirk - bas guitar
Peers - drums
Klaas - vocals

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Track Name: Invest In Sorrow

burn the world to be king of the ashes
striving fortune from cradle to casket
corrupted by lust for power
use force and fear to silence all doubters
master your life but be a slave to thousands
gatecrashing holy houses

“heaven’s gates won’t hold me - I’ll saw those suckers down
laughing loud at its locks when they hit the ground”
the righteous go hungry while rats get fat
no rest no peace in a world gone mad

born in sin and born to trouble
clip my wings - invest in sorrow
the end begins - I welcome judgement
leaden skin - invest in sorrow

hate and envy, disgust and desire, 
sickness and greed - by life inspired
lies and deceit create empires
I live to overthrow the thrones of the mighty
Track Name: Provoke Sin

swept away by the winds of sin
guilt is a wheel of knives spinning within
I’m striving for growth but I’m stuck in routine
all I want is a chance to redeem

where the worm of conscience doesn’t die and the fire doesn’t quench
suffer the plagues of hell as life has its revenge
the days feel longer now that time is getting shorter
the nights are lit by the torch of torment and torture

give me strength to do right and just
hate, envy, greed - my spirit gets crushed
riches, lies - I stray from the path
like a fool I give way to my wrath

the pains with the virtue, the gains with the vice
our ways are cold and dark when we leave the path of right

I’m searching for a way to strip my soul clean
gotta rise up from the lows these tired eyes have seen